Friday, 24 May 2013

The Urban Voodoo Machine: Nick Marsh.

At Gypsy Hotel: 16-2-2013.

With guest appearance from Bobs Brain!!

Cor blimey guvnor, it's that time of the year again!
Those lovely lads & lasses from The Urban Voodoo Machine are bringing what must truly be, the greatest show on earth, back oop north again!
With Uncle Nick Marsh in support, they'll be taking in various venues & festivals around the UK. Culminating in what promises to be a rare, grand old evening at the Leicester Square Theatre in London on 8-6-13,  to celebrate 10 magnificent years of The Urban Voodoo Machine!
'Twas in February of this year when I last saw these chaps & chapesses at the Gypsy Hotel. With Nick Marsh playing a short set to preview material from his forthcoming album. It was the fullest I've ever seen the upstairs room at the Lexington. Lawks a lordy, we were packed in tighter than a weasels sphincter!

Dear 'ol Nick enthralled us with his new material in a 23 minute set. Simply loving 'inky black water' & 'last train to wherever'. Featuring work from his previous album, the high spot was his rousing rendition of 'rhinestone cowboy', prompting a mass drunken singalong, you just couldn't help belting out the chorus with him. Top work sir, looking forward to the new album!

As The Urban Voodoo Machine, have a new release imminent over the next few days, (Rare Gumbo: Eps, B sides & assorted pieces) they shoehorned a welcome few old classics into their already choc full set. Their cup brimmeth over!

The reason for this post not being a full on review is that one does run out of expletives to describe The Urban Voodoo Machine without treading over old ground. I've seen 'em many times & I fully intend to see 'em a whole lot more before I expire! We wouldn't wanna kill the pig with the same old gushing review now would we? However it's always a bloody good excuse to bang a few choice & not so choice shots up on this 'ere blog!
All you need know my cherubs, is The Urban Voodoo machine totally shredded it on this fair eve. It has to rank as one of the best shows I've seen them give so far! Totally loved the older stuff they played, which stands its ground magnificently alongside all the new,  as yet unreleased material.

Now here's how you get a link in boys & girls!!
 While this show was occurring in the ides of February, I couldn't help but spare a thought for my dearest & oldest friend Bob, who was preparing himself for an operation which was going to either extend or extinguish his life. You see my old mate had a tumour in his brain the size of a tangerine!
On the week of his op, I bought him a ticket for the UVM show in Hebden Bridge on the 24th may (which happens to be this very evening my dears!) & told him he'd better get his ass better in time for this show or I want my money back! Now there's a gig worth fighting your way back to full health for!!
As fate would have it, the old bugger's made a near full on recovery! Bingo bango bongo!!!
 Not only was he awake during the 11 hour operation, but he also played guitar through a large percentage of it, hell that's damn legendary! Let's see Keith fucking Richards do that!!!!

 Bob happy as hell on morphine!

Bobs brain, with full sun roof just prior to the visit of the ice cream vendor!

Bobs brain after the nice man with the ice cream scoop had done his rounds!

If you happen to see Bob at The Urban Voodoo Machine show at the Hebden Bridge Trades club on the 24th of May. I'd say the fella's earned a damn good drink. So dig deep & buy him a bloody large glass of best brandy. Of course Bob can't drink alcohol yet, but if you give the large brandys to me, I'll endeavour to look after them for him until such a time as he's able to drink again. HONEST!!

Boys & girls, it's late in the evening, so I'll leave you with the last few shots of The Urban Voodoo Machine at the Gypsy Hotel, along with a handful of shots taken post show with the boys showing off their new album artwork!

Boys & girls, thank you for listening to my inane prattle, hope you dig the photos & hope you dig the Urban Voodoo Machine enough to go & catch them on one of their forthcoming shows. It really is the greatest show on earth!
Be good my dears... & if you can't be good.... be evil!!