Sunday, 25 March 2012


Hey there kittens. 'Tis your old mate Flash Tightpocket, bringing you lucky viewers a bit of a newsflash.
What I'm trying to say is 'STOP PRESS' 'HOLD THE FRONT PAGE; & other such expletives.
 Does anybody remember this?....

Or this?......

Or even this?......

Yessiree!  I'm talking about those purveyors of sonic slabs of erotically charged, psychedelic, deviant noise..........THE JUNIOR MANSON SLAGS.
Please see my previous post at
You see after years of searching, never seen before video evidence of this outstanding rock'n'roll behemoth has finally seen the light of day. 
Trust me on this one my dears, for your genial host this is like finding the holy grail, or the dead sea scrolls.
For on these grainy old, sometimes difficult to see films, lurks some idea of the wild chaotic abandon that was 'The Junior Manson Slags' live experience.
                                                HOUNDS OF ELECTRIC FILTH  1986ish

                                           THE WAY YOU TOUCHED MY HAND

                                            LIVE AT THE FULHAM GREYHOUND 1987

It was after a recent chance meeting with the still, visually stunning 'Aqua Marina', now known to the world as 'Michi Sinn' for it is she who can be found on these films, singing, gyrating, shaking & grooving (didn't they used to call it frugging?). Just check out those screams on 'hounds of electric filth', awesome!  this is where I found out about her new project;
Described in their own words as 

Check 'em out on facebook
They also have their 2nd gig at old punk venue 'The Hope & Anchor' on Friday 6th april. 
Check info here;
So if you know what's good for you; get yourselves along. It promises to be quite a caper.
 See you down the front!

Chin Chin!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Devilish Presley.

The Devil Rock'n'Roll.

Greetings my fluffy little kittens & welcome.
 I know it's been a little quiet around Tightpocket towers of late, but all that's about to change.
Those fine chaps & chapesses from that green & pleasant land, where dwell our heroes; the mighty DEVILISH PRESLEY, have just released a new single. 
 However that is not all, for they have been kind enough to record a video of the same for your delectation.
There are three new songs in total, The Devil Rock'n'roll & Spiritbabe are out & out trademark Presley stompers. Reason enough my dears, to part company with your hard earned wonga. However there is more, the simply beautiful 'Mary Shelley Motorcade' is a bit of a departure from the usual Presley fare & shows great versatility in Jacqui Vixens voice. 
 In short, some of their finest work yet.
The audio track "The Devil Rock & Roll" is now available for FREE download on Reverbnation. You can also hear "Spiritbabe" & "Mary Shelley Motorcade" on Reverbnation - You can buy the single via Paypal £3.00 to 

 So what are you waiting for?  Get your hands in your pockets & get your fingers busy on the keyboard. It could be the best £3 you've spent yet.
 What's that I hear you say? you want to see the video as well? .. Oooooh, you're never satisfied!
 Here you go then!

Enjoy my dears;    Chin Chin.