Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gypsy Hotel: 15-9-12

GYPSY HOTEL: 15-9-12

Greetings kittens, 'tis your old chum 'Flash' with an impromptu post on the Gypsy Hotel. 
  My dears I am not gonna bore you with long winded reviews. Why? Oh hell, you know the format at the Gypsy Hotel & if you don't know, then you're not supposed to!
 All I've gotta say is; this was a fantastic evening with each of the acts turning in great performances, diversity being the order of the day. Paul Ronney Angel always turns up trumps when booking for this once monthly event.
 So without further ado, here are the ropey snaps. If any of 'em tickle your giggle spot then please feel free to download & use them for thine own misbegotten ends.


My my, this young lady was a revelation. Surprised???  Yessiree! One lady, one harp & one hell of a sensational voice. Hey, she even has great taste; she digs my new shoes!!

Totally freakin awesome!!


Now here's a bluesman in the traditional sense of the word. None of your homogenised shash where Big Joe Louis is concerned.

& yay it did come to pass. On observing the audience, Big Joe Louis did leave many mouths agog.
 Mesmerising, my little cherubs, mesmerising!

60 Scratch

Celebrating Gypsy Hotels resident dj, Scratchys 60th birthday, was this band put together for the occasion, featuring the birthday boy himself, Scratchy, Paul Ronney Angel & assorted members of the Urban Voodoo Machine. Playing some of their favourite old tunes & some from Scratchys illustrious past. 

Never once do these cats let you down. They thrill, they excite, but above all, they ENTERTAIN!

Duncan Reid & the Bigheads.

Aaah, 'tis a  while since I've seen dear Duncan on a stage & no finer place than the Gypsy Hotel to give your band it's first major run out. Featuring the multi talented Alexander Karl Gold on guitar, Gilles Baillarguet on Drums & the Angel faced Anna Donarski on guitar. 
 The eternally young Mr Reid gave one hell of a vibrant, energetic performance. In all the years I've been watching him with the Boys I've come to expect nothing less.
 Performing songs from his new album 'Little big Head' & a light smattering of Boys tunes, Duncan & his band made my journey from Yorkshire more than worthwhile.

Dolly Blow Up & her flaming bra!

The last show of the evening came in the wee small hours from the amazing Miss Dolly Blow Up, who's party piece this evening came at the end of her routine, when flames did indeed burst forth from her asbestos loaded bra!

Here ya go folks, It's one of those blink & you'll miss it moments, but I just managed to catch the flames bursting forth from those magnificent hooters.
 What a splendid way to close the Gypsy Hotel.

Chin chin!!!