Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Walter Lure in the U.K

Final part of the trilogy
Birmingham Actress & Bishop. 5-11-11
Bloody hell, all this travelling sure do take it out of you. After a monster brekkers in the Kings Cross Travelodge, we jumped straight on the choo choo back to Wakefield, caught the bus to Ponte Carlo, had a cup of coffee then jumped into the jam jar, tore down the M1 to Birmingham & checked into the Travelodge ready for Uncle Walters final show in the U.K. Whooosh!

Once again my fluffy little chickens, I shall not bore you with all the details of the show. I'll just leave you with the snaps. However, suffice it to say, the boys were shit hot & relentless in their delivery.

It was bloody great seeing Uncle Walter over here again, & so soon since his previous visit. However, if I can offer a little artistic advice to the great man..... Please please puhhlease bring a change of stage clothing with you next time. All my ropey pics look like they could have been taken at the same venue.

For a man of his not inconsiderable years, Yer Uncle Waldo still looks great. He still has those film star good looks, remeniscent of a certain Terence Hill. 'Trinity' the man who stands at the devils right hand.
He'd obviously been primed up by the rest of the band as he tried speaking in local Brummy dialect, which made it all the more amusing as he sounded more like a Yorkshire bricky on his tea break whilst leafing through a well worn copy of the Daily Sport.

& there you have it my dears. Exactly a year to the day since my first post on the walls of this hallowed blog.
 Ironically 'twas Waldos' show at the 100 club which started it all.
42 posts; 14200 hits & I can't thank you folks enough for indulging me.
 However not wanting to stray too far from the subject in hand, a big thank you & a large pat on the back should go to Ossie & Jez Miller, drummer & guitarist respectively, for being instrumental in bringing Walter back to these shores. Cheers fellas.
 Me? I'm off to pour myself a large Cognac & watch the tripe served up on telly.
Chin Chin.