Sunday, 29 July 2012



Oh boy, what a weekend. Last night, the Jim Jones Revue in Hebden Bridge, tonight the Urban Voodoo Machine & the Rocketeers in York. Hey it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!

The Urban Voodoo Machine ooze onto the stage in a wash of black & red. With their backs to the audience they begin to sway their bodies  in time to the intro track, which sounds not too dissimilar to the theme from the 'Godfather'. 
 With lady Ane Angel (looking every inch the saloon bar dancer) crashing the show to a start with her gong;  they were off, in a blaze of wild jazz infused punk rock blues, played through 'ol Toms Cemetary Polka. 
 Boy do these cats know how to put on one hell of a show. Never a dull moment? Jeez, you daren't blink let alone take your eyes off the stage, which, might I add, is not an inconsiderable amount of time. They must have been on for at least 2 hours. 

I've wracked my tiny peanut of a brain on  how to describe this band, without covering old ground & repeating what far more talented individuals than I, have previously written on the Urban Voodoo Machine. 
 If I was to explain to the uninitiated what this band are actually like as a live proposition; then dear reader, please take a seat, close your eyes & let your uncle Flash wax lyrical. 
 Just imagine a lorry carrying a full cargo of bourbon, jackknifes & crashes into the wildest New Orleans funeral you've ever seen, fronted by Cab Calloway & his orchestra fuelled on crack & you'll be going some way to learning what this band are actually like on stage. If that doesn't ring any bells with you, then dear reader, may I recommend you actually get off your arse & go to see 'em live!

Dear readers, I can only apologise for overloading this post with pictures, some may appear a little samey but I just couldn't decide for myself. So it falls to you my fluffy little swampducks; to trawl through 'em, make your own mind up & please feel free to nick, nab & snaffle any that may take your Sid'n'Nancy.
 As the shows course of  events took it's manic, nay, chaotic twists & turns, ( you never get boring with the Urban Voodoo Machine, they just don't do boring!) disaster was but a mere heartbeat away. 
 The only dead member of the band, the late J Roni Moe, drummer of some distinction, took it upon himself to go to stage front & centre & launch himself headfirst into the audience. Now you may think this is nothing out of the ordinary for a rock'n'roll show. However, certain things have to be taken into consideration! For instance, let's not gloss over the fact that this guy has been dead for quite some time & decomposition has reached it's latter stages, hence the reason why body parts & decaying green flesh residue were left on anything & anyone he touched. Namely, my freshly dry cleaned jacket! Bugger!!! That's another trip to the dry cleaners on Monday.

When the last note of this show had finally rung out, the Urban Voodoo Machine proved themselves to be no shrinking violets, coming out amongst the audience, drinking & chatting to anyone who'd care to listen. I have to say they're the loveliest bunch of people you could possibly wish to meet. The late J Roni Moe also proved himself to be quite a mover, cutting a fair old dash on the dance floor.
 This band usually ranges from between a nine piece to a twelve piece, this must prove to be an absolute logistical nightmare, just getting to a gig. They always put on one hell of a show & what's more, you can tell every single one of 'em loves every moment of being up on that stage.
 For us lucky Northerners, they're playing the Leeds Wardrobe again on 22nd of September. Book your tickets now, because these are flying off the shelves like shit from a shiny shovel.

Boys & girls! or should I say, BROTHERS & SISTERS! could it be possible, that just maybe, we could have quite possibly, happened upon the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH?


  1. Might have known you would like this lot, sir - you are a man of taste. Hope you're well!


    1. Cheers Bill, may I express the same wishes to you & yours. Good to hear from you mate.

    2. May see you at the upcoming Leeds show, Mark - Adam has invited me down, it's a Saturday, it's just after payday, it's Leeds, it's UVM, it's a chance to catch up with your good self - what's not to like?!


    3. Awesome sir, Adam just texted me & he's booked the tickets. Look forward to seeing you again Bill. It's been quite a while!

  2. Fabulous write up.
    Upcoming Leeds gig info here: