Friday, 16 August 2013



Oh what a night! 
On a balmy June eve in the heart of Londons theatreland, the faithful gathered from all over the globe to witness a show celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Urban Voodoo Machine.
 In a grand old fleapit of a theatre, (they're the best kind you know) formerly the Notre dame hall, scene of many a vintage punk rock escapade, The Urban Voodoo Machine put on what must be for them, the performance of their lives!
 A large stage, gave the band total freedom of movement, a fantastic lighting rig gave me the opportunity to loose off a few half decent shots & bourbon in abundance gave these boys & girls just the right amount of swagger & confidence to entertain us like never before.
 Two spots they played, over two hours of bourbon soaked, gypsy blues bop & stroll! One costume change & more special guests than you can wave a shitty stick at; why, something as pleasurable as this is usually deemed to be illegal!
 No long winded reviews here today, just a bunch of snaps from the lens of my trusty Leica. I do hope you dig 'em enough to nick, nab & snaffle a few for whatever dodgy purpose you so require. If you do, please leave a namecheck for your old mate Flash. 
 My dears, I'll leave you with the quote of the evening from bandleader, Mr Paul Ronney Angel; "Hey, did any of you people in here see us ten years ago in our first year?" When a handful of lairy punters responded that they had....... "You fucking liars" quoth he "there was only 3 people saw us in our first year"  Priceless!!

2nd SPOT

Bloody hell, if you've got as far as this little piece of text then I can only offer you my thanks & salutations for your diligence & strength of character in seeing something through to the bitter end.



  1. Aaaahhhh; memories, Fab pictures & fab night. x

    1. It certainly was Karen, many thanks.
      Yours, FLASH

  2. Superb pics Mr Tightpocket. I had a nosy at Facebook too. (You liked an image I osted of Chelsea). I'm very new to photography and looking at the quality of your images I'm surprised you even gave mine a second look.

    I'm following in the hope of learning……


    Jim Jimmy or James.