Tuesday, 9 October 2012



 Only a week since I went darn sarf to the Gypsy Hotel & here we are at the Leeds Wardrobe to once again witness the musical delights of the Urban Voodoo Machine!

Many special thanks go to my brother Adam for putting me up for the night, thus enabling me to drink copious amounts of alcohol for a change. Also special mention & kudos goes to Bill Mcnie for coming all the way from Edinburgh to see the UVM & partake in the obligatory liver abuse. Great to see you again Bill!
 Without further ado, the lure of the Adelphi was too much to bear, a grand old boozer. Closely followed by, oh god I can't remember! Jesus Christ I can't even recall what I had for breakfast.
 Neeedless to say, mucho guzzling did ensue. Though I have to admit, yours truly could not keep up with the hollow legged bleeders Adam & Bill!
 Just one further point which needs pointing out, these two fine fellows were drinking premium Belgian beers at around 8%, while yours truly was drinking cooking lager. One step up from fruit juice! What a lightweight I truly am!

Picking up a few stragglers on the way, who were incidentally from the North East, (such is the lure of the UVM), we weaved our merry way to the outskirts of town towards that garden of earthly delights; the Leeds Wardrobe! 
 Groovy as ever, bumping into old friends whilst the golden throat charmer did flow in abundance. Big hello to Jez from Grimsby, It's been a while mate!
 I did manage to catch the rear end (ooh matron) of the support band, but could I tell you anything about them? could I hell. Note to self; please take more bleedin' notice. 
 In my defence, I put it down to the onset of Alzheimers. Have you ever walked into a room & wondered "why the bloody hell have I come in here"?  In fact while we're on the subject, does anyone else have to ensure the bathroom towels are straight before leaving home in case their nearest & dearest explode? No of course you don't, it's just me isn't it? I'm destined to die alone in a pit of misery, totally secluded from the world around me! 
 Whoaaah there soldier, steady on! That doesn't sound like such a bad thing.
 Note to self; must get a fucking grip!

 Aaah, thank god for the Urban Voodoo Machine. I never tire of the suspense building intro, the way the band sneak onstage & swaaaay, prior to hitting us with their blue tinged, jazz infused brand of rock'n'roll. If you haven't seen these cats before, you really do need to get them in your life. 
  We were treated to new songs, 'pipe & slippers man' & Tom Waits stylee stomper 'not with you'. But ooh my dears, what was that new song? That ever so haunting melody? A total diversion from anything they've ever done before. The new album's out next year my dears & it promises to be an absolute belter!!!

The Wardrobe has become quite a happy hunting ground for these guys over the last couple of years, but oh how I wish the lighting rig was a little better. All halloween orange & chimney red, does not make for great photographs.
  As ever the UVM put on one helluva show & you have to say, hand on heart that no two shows by these fine fellas & fluffy young fillies are ever the same. From the presentation of the huge chocolate birthday cake to 'Dr Lloyd Gomez De Ville', to the hilarious moment when the gusset went on Paul Ronney Angels' pants. (Isn't 'gusset' a wonderful word) whereupon he was victim to a sonic blast to the groin, from the horn (oh god) of Mr De ville.

By god I love this band. Boys & girls, make the most of 'em, go & see 'em as many times as you can. As much as I want them to be, they won't always be with us, because nothing lasts forever.
 Which is more than can be said of Mr Mcnie, who made full use of his lunch by taking a leaf out of my book & leaving a perfect impersonation of Jackson Pollock on the pavement outside the venue. Top work sir!

Boys & girls, the rock'n'roll circus is in town, make sure you're at the front of the queue, because this is one hell of a ride!
   Chin Chin !!

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