Friday, 9 November 2012

Heavy Metal Kids.

Sutton In Ashfield: The Diamond: 26-9-12.

Grimsby: Yardbirds : 27-9-12.

Gadzooks, it's been a while since I last clapped eyes on these fine young fellows, so it was more than a trifle pleasing to know we were gonna get a double dose of the good ol' H.M.K. Two nights in succession, don't it just lift your spirits?
  The first port of call was the Diamond in Sutton In Ashfield. A great purpose built venue which plays host to live music seven nights a week. 
The Kids were playing on a wednesday night, fresh from a brief sojourn into Scotland where they played to packed houses & totally wowed 'em. So I guess they can be forgiven for turning in what was by their high standards, a bit of a lacklustre performance. 
 Why, do I hear you ask? Why?
 I'll tell you why, it's because no bugger turned up!
 Apart from the usual stalwarts & diehards (me included). This was a thoroughly miserable turnout. Lesser bands would have packed up their gear & headed off for home!

 Not so these boys! They carried on regardless & turned in the best show they could under the circumstances. 
 No H.M.K gig comes without its bonuses, for we did indeed sit up into the wee small hours with Keith & Justin, Mr Karl Green, Wakey Dave & his mrs (Dave is a veteran of more H.M.K gigs than you could wave a shitty stick at)  & Richard Smith with his good lady wife. Richard actually runs the Gary Holton website, which is a real labour of love. Cop a load of it here my dears.    Keith & Karl did indeed furnish us with a veritable array of fine entertaining tales of their rock'n'roll escapades from days of yore. Priceless stuff.

So there I was, on the Thursday afternoon, doing a bit of housework, (the cleaning lady actually ran off with the butler, dirty bleeders) & having a generally chilled out day, when the phone rang. 'Twas Wakey Dave! "Nar then me old cocka" sayeth he, "duz tha wanna lift to Grimsby toneet to see yonder Evvy Metal Kids?"  "It'll save on t'expense o' runnin two 'orseless carriages".
 "Gawd bless thi" I did retort, "al si thi at seven".
 Boys & girls, my timbers had never been so shivered, I had to smother 'em in paraffin oil & wrap 'em in best brown paper to get over the excitement! (It's the only known failsafe cure for shivered timbers!)
I've said it before & by God I'm gonna bloody well say it again! the Grimsby Yardbirds is one hell of a grand 'ol rock'n'roll club! 
 Run by the chaps from the local motorcycle club, it exudes a fine atmosphere indeed!
 On repairing to the bar for a couple of steadiers, the first person we bumped into was none other than drummer extraordinaire, Mr Keith Boyce. Drinks all round then!

After a couple of steadiers, we went backstage for a drink & a natter with the Kids. 
 Now listen here peeps & listen good, for in the field of human experience, no one alive has ever been privy to the decadence that did ensue in that dressing room on this balmy Autumn eve. 
 Brace yourselves cherubs & hang on to your hats, for we did watch X factor U.S.A & laugh hysterically at the whole ridiculous bunch of arse with the Heavy Metal Kids. Now not many people can say they've done that! 
 However, we came to see the H.M.K shake their stuff & shake their stuff they did! Giving us a sonically refreshing alternative to the prior evenings performance.
 Though the crowd was far from full, the boys totally shredded it at the Yardbirds, giving every drop of heart & soul.

 As for the Diamond show, it appears that the lack of any kind of advertising led to the poor midweek attendance. 
 Rumours abound of  a tour in the new year with a big name band, but firstly there's the small matter of a show at the Merton Manor club on the 10th of November. That's tomorrow kids!! 
Let me tell you kittens, this is not gonna be your standard H.M.K show. It's a 40th anniversary show where the band will be playing their classic album 'Anvil Chorus' in it's entirety. My god, how I wish I could be there, if only to see the boys play the 'Big Fire'. So get yourselves down there kiddies, take your cameras & film the whole show for your old mate Flash!

There's something quite endearing, how in the face of public apathy these guys soldier on relentlessly &  always seem to have a plan & a trick up their sleeve for future capers. It breaks my heart to see 'em play & give their all to such small crowds, so if these cats are playing a venue near you, do yourself the biggest favour of your life; get off your arse, pay a measly few quid & get yourself thoroughly entertained! 
 A HUGE tip of the Tightpocket titfer goes to Keith, Cosmo, Justin & Ronnie. Collectively known as the Heavy Metal Kids! 
 Boys; I never loved you more!

N.B. No flashgun was used or attempted to be used in the making of this blog!     (Cheers Coz)
Chin Chin!