Sunday, 29 May 2011


Colchester Twist: The Dark Triad Album Launch.

Greetings dear readers & all you salivating Dandy Dogs.It seems like many a moon since we last spoke of all things Presley, so what better excuse than the launch party for the new album?
 The last time we came to watch Devilish Presley at this venue was way back in December & what a nightmare we had. Battling through heavy snow & blizzard like conditions, it took us a full ten hours to reach the place.

 Not so on this balmy spring eve. 'Twas a real pleasurable drive, although we did get the odd touch of the heebeegeebees every time we passed a certain spot where we recalled being stuck in hellish conditions for hours on end.
 So it was a real good vibe when we saw Jacqui & Johnny taking our cultural & spiritual leader 'Withnail' for an early evening stroll.

I annoint thee with my geetar
An even greater vibe when we got in the venue, for there it was; on full display at the merch stall if 'ye' please; the new album, the Dark triad. We were so eager, we bought two & promptly stuffed 'em in the boot of the car ready for the journey home. 'Twas also grand to bump into old friends & fellow Dandy dogs Darren, Dave & Janice to name but a few.

 I'm glad to say that this was a well attended affair & with 2 quality support bands; bonus!
 Talented though they were, we had come for the main event & as ever the mighty Devilish Presley did not disappoint. 

Tonight they appeared to go for the jugular. Ms Vixens voice was at its blood curdling best, spewing forth the verbs like a pack of hounds with the scent of blood in its nostrils.
 Mr Johnny Navarro (aka Ming the Merciless) has now handed over all lead vocal duties to Ms Vixen, thus allowing himself a free reign to explore the stage.

 ......& explore the stage he does, in no uncertain terms. He is hither & thither like a whirling dervish. One moment he is laid on his back, the next climbing any piece of apparatus to gain a vantage point. He jumps into the audience & annoints our heads with his guitar, then he's back on stage using his fan to cool down the heaving pendulous bosom of a poor young girl who must have fallen into a swoon at the very sight of his antics.

 The only problem I have with these Devilish Presley gigs, is that they don't seem to last long enough. I guess time does fly when you're enjoying yourself.
 As another evening of Devilish Presley hi-jinx drew to a close, it was hugs all round as we bade our fare thee wells to the Mighty Devilish Presley & friends. Also a special hello to the good people of Colchester who have dubbed us the 'Pontefract nutters' in light of our recent exploits. (Though we do prefer the term 'space cadets', it does add a touch of glamour).

 As Madame Tightpocket & myself made our way back to the car we knew our night was far from over, we had a couple of hundred miles of road to tackle as well as fighting off the sleep demon whilst driving. 
 However we did have the new Devilish Presley cd to keep us company. In short; it is magical, taking their songwriting to another level yet, but more of that in a later blog.
Aah, Mr Johnson, your guitar is ready.
  Chin chin my dears.

Monday, 16 May 2011


  Greetings me old shipmates. 
  First of all let me apologise for not posting this sooner, but your old mate Flash Tightpocket has been wrestling with his conscience as whether or not to post these pictures at all. 'Twas a bad day at the office indeed, photography wise. The lighting was dull & red. A nightmare for such as I. I even had to resort to the dreaded flash. 
 But enough of my vanity. It's merely a record to show we were there to once again witness this red hot band.

  It had taken the bread knife & me a good 4 hours plus to drive the 188 miles to get to the Winning Post taking into account several toilet stops & the lure of those giant burgers at the Burger King.
  So it was a great feeling of comfort stepping over the threshold of this grand old boozer to see a lot of the familiar faces. Keith, Cosmo & Justin always willing to chew the breeze & let you know what's happening regarding all things H.M.K. Ronnie holding court & indulging himself in the odd birthday brandy, furnishing us further with some marvellous stories from a life of rock 'n' roll.

  On the back of the vinyl re-issue of 'Kitsch' called 'Chelsea kids' (I still have it, in fact I still have 'em all) is a revue of a H.M.K gig at this very venue. Geoff Barton describes the show & his overriding memory of dear old Gary Holton with a bucket containing a severed head bawling, ''IS 'EAD FELL OFF'' stating that somewhere up in those rafters those words are echoing still.

      Not so flash & theatrical this line up of the Kids. Although Justin has stepped into the role of axe wielding frontman with effortless ease, Striking a classic pose at every available opportunity.
  It was also refreshing to see them play to a very healthy sized crowd. 
  Geoff Barton was right though, when you see a great gig it's not always the obvious that you remember, it's those little personal moments that seem to remain with you more than most.

Like when Ronnie introduced the song 'Whisky' he also slipped in the fact that it was soon gonna be his birthday. No sooner had the words left his lips, when a gallant punter burst forth brandishing a large scotch. As a smiling Ronnie knocked back his whisky, with a cheesecake grin he quipped 'it pays to advertise'. Class!
 The defining moment for me though was Cosmos' solo during 'It's the same'. It's always been one of my favourite songs but tonight it seemed to have a certain edge & Cosmos' solo cut through everything around him. Crisp clean & perfectly executed. The hairs on the back of my Gregory Peck were stood firmly to attention.

 Boring, is one thing this band can never be accused of. When they introduced 'The cops are coming' & the high camp of 'Uncontrollable' it also came with the added bonus of guest vocalist, formerly one of their number, Mr John Altman, just to lift the tempo of the evening to another level.

  Another great show had come to a close, but be warned discerning reader, the H.M.K have yet another ace up their sleeve. 
 Former 'Girl', 'Torme' & 'L.A Guns' vocalist 'Phil Lewis' will be bolstering their ranks for 3 gigs only, at the end of May, culminating in what should be quite an evening at the Camden Underworld on May 29th. Miss this at your peril.

  As Madame Tightpocket & me headed off on our long journey home, I couldn't help but think of Geoff Bartons words & Cosmos' stunning solo. You probably won't hear it echoing around the rafters of the Winning Post for ever; but it's still fresh & firmly lodged in my head & that's just where I'm keeping it.
 Chin chin.